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StarBoard Software Training Overview

  Orientation Overview
The orientation training level introduces the hardware components, how the technology works, proper care for the equipment, installing and launching the software, using the board as a computer touch pad, basic tools and functions, and a variety of helpful resources, including online training modules, materials, and shared resources between users.

  Level 1 Overview
Level 1 training will review some of the orientation level. Participants will also learn about the software layout, function buttons, side bar tabs, customizable toolbar, pen tools and properties, annotations and objects, search engines, eraser tools and properties, gestures, working with the desktop and MS Office, saving your work, help resources, and online support.

  Level 2 Overview
Level 2 will build upon skills learned in the previous levels and provide a focus on integrating the software within lesson instruction. Participants will also learn how to work with text, objects and images, create hyperlinks, use MyScript Stylus, write on the desktop, use software tools to interact with outside applications, use the accessory tools, and import/export within the software.